Vietnam National Museum of History

Vietnam National Museum of History is one of the most majestic buildings in Hanoi. This building that was built in 1932 combines different architectural styles of East and West. The museum mainly introduces the ancient history of Vietnam, showing the rise and fall of various dynasties in the history of Vietnam and the historical process of Vietnam’s colonial rule by France.

The main building of the Vietnam National Museum of History is a group of very classical buildings. The museum contains various cultural relics in the cultural evolution process of various periods in Vietnam since 3300. There are many stone tools, bronzes, steles, copper drums, Champa art, pottery and costumes of ethnic minorities, which are very precious. Visitors can see the ancient Vietnamese emperor’s script and court documents that are written in Chinese characters in the museum. Ancient Vietnamese furniture, construction methods and various artworks are very similar to Chinese ones. Opposite the museum, Den Hung, also worships the founding monarch of Vietnam and his ancestors.

The most worthwhile cultural relics throughout Vietnam are in the Vietnam National Museum of History, and the architecture of this museum is also very impressive, very magnificent and beautiful. Although there are not too many cultural relics, it is very helpful to understand the culture and history of Vietnam. After visiting the Vietnam National Museum of History, you will probably know the footprint of Vietnam from ancient times to modern times. Although Vietnam is deeply influenced by the culture of excellent countries, it also strives to build its own civilization.

Vietnam National Museum of History is the museum in Vietnam that is the worthiest of a visit. It is much better than what you had imagined, and the exhibition environment is also good. There are some cultural relics in it, which are quite exquisite. These relics can be said to be the best of the whole archaeological field in Vietnam.

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