Tháp Rùa

Tháp Rùa is located on Turtle Hill Island in Hoan Kiem Lake. It is a small tower with multi-layered spires and four-cornered cornices. It was built in 1884. Tháp Rùa is small and exquisite under the light. Because Hoan Kiem Lake is relatively small, it takes only 2 kilometers to go around the lake, so no matter where you stand on the lake, you can clearly see Tháp Rùa.

Tháp Rùa is suitable for sightseeing both day and night. Because Tháp Rùa is in the middle of the lake and no plank road was built to reach it, Tháp Rùa is a building that can only be seen from a distance. To see Tháp Rùa during the day is to look at the building. The whole building is a hollow building. Occasionally some pigeons soar into the sky, the scene is very beautiful. Watching Tháp Rùa at night is to see the artistic conception. Tháp Rùa is very beautifully illuminated with lights. It feels a bit like the style of the moon in the three pools of Hangzhou. There is a tower in the lake and the moon in the tower.

Tháp Rùa is a very conspicuous building. It looks like a temple or an archway. It has the feel of a mini church. The tower is small and exquisite, with a star on the top. It is said that giant tortoises still live in the lake, and those who see it will be lucky. When walking in this beautiful lake, you can’t help but see the center and admire this Tháp Rùa. It will be more beautiful at night, because the lighting at night will make it alive.

To play Tháp Rùa, you must visit it together with Hoan Kiem Lake. At the same time, the Hanoi Cathedral, Ba Dinh Square, Opera House and National History Museum around the lake are also recommended for a visit in one day. Generally speaking, there are not many scenic spots in Hanoi. All the scenic spots are around the Hoan Kiem Lake, so you can play around the lake in this way, and no one will be missed.

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