Hon Thom Cable Car

Hon Thom Cable Car is very comfortable, and the scenery you see above is beautiful. The Cable Car terminal is a small island under development, and currently there is only one water activity to play. The water in the island is very clear, and many small fish and conch can be seen. There are resting hammocks under the coconut trees on the shore, but the density of the trees is low and you will be easily exposed to the sun. The price of the restaurant at the cable car departure station is reasonable. If you order a rice vermicelli and a coconut, it will cost about 85,000VND. Vietnamese rice vermicelli is really delicious here.

Hon Thom Cable Car is a project that many people think can be played for a day. The cable car takes you to Hon Thom Park, with beautiful beaches and water projects, and the buffet lunch. After you have played enough, take the cable car back to Phu Quoc Island. The view to and from the cable car is great.

This cross-sea cable car that has won the Guinness World Records must be experienced because it is really comfortable and the scenery is so beautiful. The journey takes twenty minutes, but the carriage is large and comfortable, and the speed is very stable. There is no feeling of shaking, even people who are a little afraid of heights will not feel afraid. When you get to Hon Thom, you can go to the beach or go snorkeling.


1. The cable car ticket is 200,000VND, which is much cheaper than the previous fare of 500,000VND.

2. It is best to take the free bus to go to Hon Thom Departure Terminal. Many hotel receptions have an information desk, where you can inquire about where to take the free bus. You can also buy tickets at the information desk. The price is the same as that at the cable car station.

3. The cable car ticket does not need to be purchased in advance. It can be purchased from the bus driver or at the cable car station, which is cheaper than online booking.

4. There is a bus stop at the door of Novotel Hotel, you can take the free bus to the cable car station.

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