Cầu Long Biên

Cầu Long Biên started construction in 1898 and was completed in 1903. It is the oldest railway bridge in northern Vietnam. The bridge spans the Red River with a total length of 1682.6 meters and a main span of 106.20 meters. It is a steel truss girder cantilever bridge with a total of 19 holes. It is designed to follow the sample design of the Tolebek railway bridge connecting Paris and Orleans in the 13th district of Paris.

The rust of the bridge frame of Cầu Long Biên is obvious. The entire bridge looks very old, but it is still an important passage for citizens to cross the river. A large number of motorcycles shuttle through it. From time to time, young people will be seen taking artistic photos on the bridge, to leave behind the shadow of youth. This is the highest point of this part now, and it is fairly easy to reach. Walk up the train station, and then follow the path in the middle to the bridge. You can stand on the bridge and watch the bustling crowd under the bridge. This place is worth visiting, and take a look at this special iconic old bridge. Of course, if you are willing to take a good look at this special historic bridge, it would be better, after all, it was designed by the same designer as the Eiffel Tower.

Cầu Long Biên is also a very old bridge in Hanoi. The scenery of this place is very special. It is also a good place to get a taste of the Vietnamese city. The vehicles on the bridge are all old styles and there are many bicycles.

Cầu Long Biên is already rusty. It can show that it has a long history. This is a steel bridge that spans the river and is a very suitable spot for taking pictures. Coming from the 36-line ancient street along the ancient city gate, you will find that every day there are many tourists here risking climbing over the fence to take pictures, or posing along the railway tracks to the bridge. This century-old bridge built by France is very historic. Friends who like the sense of time should come here to visit and take photos. The photo effects here are very good whether it is morning or evening.

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