Qingdao Beer Museum

The Qingdao Beer Museum is located in the old factory building of Tsingtao Brewery a hundred years ago. The red houses are very flavorful. The roof on the side of the road is decorated with eye-catching large beer cans. Here you can learn about the history of Tsingtao beer, watch the old equipment for beer production, and taste the pure Tsingtao beer.

Entering the gate, you first see a square. In the center of the square, there is a statue of the Arabic numeral “100”, which was erected on August 15, 2003 to greet the 100th anniversary of Tsingtao beer. To the west, there is a fountain which is made of beer bottles and wine glass statues. There is also a statue of Bacchus in the square.

The Tsingtao Beer Museum is divided into three tourist areas: Hall A is a century-old historical and cultural exhibition area, Hall B is about Tsingtao beer brewing technology, and Hall C is the multifunctional interaction Recreation area. You can visit in the order of Hall A-Hall B-Hall C.

The pictures and texts in the historical and cultural area introduce the Tsingtao Brewery, which was established after the German occupation of Qingdao, then purchased by Japan, and finally returned to the Chinese to create a glorious history. The real objects on display are worth seeing. The Tsingtao Beer trademark registered with the lighthouse of Xiaoqingdao in 1948 after the brewery returned to China; the Tsingtao Beer advertisement filmed in 1947, which was broadcast in a loop, was an earlier film advertisement in China.

The brewing process area introduces the production process of beer and displays the raw materials and old equipment used to produce beer. To put it simply, the beer manufacturing process is to saccharify malt and other raw materials into wort at high temperature, then ferment, filter, and finally package. Here you can see all kinds of malt, the main raw material of beer, the auxiliary raw material hops, the saccharification workshop, the fermentation tank and large wooden barrels for fermentation, and the packaging line for filling beer into bottles or cans.

Finally, you will reach the multi-functional area, and there are some entertainment projects, such as cycling and 3D interactive games. There is also a Tsingtao Beer Bar and a souvenir shop which sells beer-related goods.

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