Dragon Tower

The dragon is the totem symbol of Chinese civilization. The Dragon Tower is located in Heilongjiang Province, hence the name Dragon Tower, also known as the Heilongjiang Radio and Television Tower. It is one of the landmarks of Harbin.

Since opening to the outside world in 2000, the Dragon Tower has become the top ten scenic spots in Harbin, the iconic landscape of Heilongjiang Province, one of the most worthwhile tourist attractions in Heilongjiang Province, and the national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot. In 2008, Dragon Tower formally joined the World Tower Association, and in 2008 and 2009, it was awarded the annual employee award and innovation award by the World Tower Alliance. The total area of the dragon tower is 15991 square meters, of which the tower base is 12951 square meters and the tower is 3,040 square meters. The tower base is composed of a basement and four floors above the ground to form a spherical crown. The tower is octagonal, with a parabolic shape and a cylindrical shaft in the middle. It is surrounded by seven silver-white aluminum alloy plates and nine dark blue coated glass. Among them, there is a sightseeing elevator that runs 2.5 meters per second. The tower is located between 181 meters and 206 meters and consists of a flying saucer-shaped lower tower and a circular upper tower.

The Dragon Tower features a variety of project exhibition halls. The tower base is equipped with a light and shadow show field, a dinosaur science museum, and a Northeast residential hall. The Chinese intangible cultural heritage “Bohai Mohe Embroidery” has been settled in the Dragon Tower. The tower is equipped with a 181-meter thrilling ring for strolling in the clouds; its 186-meter Yunshang Western Restaurant here is China’s top ten Russian western food brand and the high-altitude landscape revolving restaurant; and there is the 190-meter outdoor observation platform and 206-meter high-altitude prayer hall.

In the daytime, the dragon tower is majestic and shocking. Standing at the top of the Dragon Tower at 190 meters high, you can count the vicissitudes of Harbin yesterday and today’s fashion vitality. The dragon tower at night is full of colors and brilliance. In the flow of light and shadow, the dragon tower is as agile as a dragon soars, and like a lotus flower in full bloom, making the pearl of Harbin more dazzling.

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