Beijing Confucius Temple

Beijing Confucian Temple is located on the famous Guozijian Street, next to Guozijian. It was built in the Yuan Dynasty and was the place where Confucius was worshipped in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. The Confucian Temple in Beijing has been revered by successive imperial emperors and has a very high status. It has been repaired many times. In terms of specifications and status, it is the second-largest Confucian Temple in China after Qufu Confucian Temple.

Currently, the Confucian Temple and the nearby Guozijian are open to visit as the Confucius Temple and the Guozijian Museum, and tickets are sold together. The ticket office is next to the gate of the Confucian Temple. After purchasing the ticket, you can enter the Confucian Temple first. After the tour, you can enter the Guozijian next to the Confucian Temple Stele Pavilion. The total play time in the two places is about 3-4 hours, of which the Confucian Temple part is about 2 hours.

The first thing to pay attention to when visiting the Confucian Temple is the buildings in the courtyard. Some of the buildings in the Confucian Temple have undergone generational repairs, but they still maintain the Yuan Dynasty style. The entire courtyard is antique and there are many well-known ancient trees, the environment is simple and elegant, you can take pictures here. Numerous stone tablets are another highlight of the Confucian Temple. There are numerous stone tablets and stele pavilions in each courtyard of the Confucian Temple. These numerous ancient monuments are very precious, and their contents are also worth visiting.

Another well-known activity for visiting the Confucian Temple is watching traditional ritual music performances. In the Chongsheng Temple, the deepest part of the Confucian Temple, there will be several performances of traditional ritual and music dance “Dacheng Rites and Music” every day. The performance times are 10:00, 11:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00. According to the season and the number of tourists, the number of performances may sometimes decrease, and each performance takes half an hour. It is very exciting, don’t miss it.

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